Hello! I’m Christopher Lile. I am a graduate of Gardner-Webb University (’17) with a double major in Biology and Psychology. I have always had a love for animals and want to use that passion to further conservation efforts by contributing new research and cultivating grassroots support for endangered species. I took two and a half “gap years” to gain research experience and intern at various wildlife and conservation organizations. I traveled to Madagascar to study black and white ruffed lemurs, Tanzania to study red-tailed monkeys and chimpanzees, and across the United States to work with wild and captive-born canids, including red wolves and gray foxes. My interest in writing and journalism led to these experiences being documented throughout this website. I hoped to increase awareness of the species and habitats I worked with through these writings.

In November 2019, I was hired into the newly created position of Program Coordinator at Wolf Park. I am developing new tours and educational programs, giving off-site presentations, curating content for educational signage throughout the park, and facilitating established programs like summer camps and seminars. In my spare time, I continue to collaborate with Defenders of Wildlife to organize outreach and fundraising events for the Red Wolf in North Carolina.